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Atlanta tracks - Babkin Racing

Babkin Racing
Date: 2013-05-22 13:52
Subject: Atlanta tracks
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I've put the check marks on the Georgia racetracks (not racing but just driving in circles):

- Road Atlanta
- Roebling Road
- Atlanta Motorsports Park

All three are quite exciting. Road Atlanta reminded me a lot of Watkins Glen. Roebling Road consists of the long and often quite fast sweepers flowing into each other. AMP is a new design by Tilke, and that guy certainly knows what he is doing. It's a very busy track, you're always doing something, with almost no sections where you simgly go straight and stay on the gas. I usually dislike the elevation changes (like the stinkin' Lime Rock) but Tilke managed to put them together into a very driveable and fun track. My conly complaint is that both long turns are left-handers and they just kill the right front tire.

There are more around, to put more checkmarks on:

- Birmingham Barber
- Talladega Raceway Park (it's a bike circuit but apparently they have the cars on it once in a while too, kind of like Pocono East)
- Carolina Motorsports Park
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