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shocks bump - Babkin Racing

Babkin Racing
Date: 2010-05-20 11:55
Subject: shocks bump
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Tags:ford, shocks, suspension
I've got the new rear suspension installed on the Mustang. The whole set from Maximum Motorsports: torque arm, panhard bar, control arms and rear sway bar. I've also got the double-adjustable shocks for the first time.

Everyone was saying that the car will start understeering, so I've got the biggest rear sway bar and set it to the stiffest position. Well, it understeers, but not that bad, just a little.

Then I went to an autocross, and been adjusting the bump on the shocks according to the Koni instructions: from softest goiing on stiffer. Every run I went quicker, even though the car felt more and more understeery. On the last run I've backed out the bump by 2 clicks (per Koni recommendation) but added half-turn of rebound, and went quicker again (and the car felt even more understeery). Weird. Maybe the more controlled ride was giving me more confidence.

On the data log it shows that as the car felt more understeery, with each run I've been entering the turns slower and exiting them faster. So it's not just my feel, the car really was understeery, and I was changing my driving accordingly. I'll need to think about how to make it better both in and out of the turn.
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